2013 Winners

Roderick Palmore Award winner Pamela Carter Award Award winner Anastasia Kelly Award winner
Rainmaker Award winner Sharing the Power Award winner Firm Wide Policies Award winner

Roderick Palmore Award

The award will be presented to a law firm managing partner, law firm senior leader or senior law department leader whose courage, unyielding vision, integrity, conviction and authenticity has carved a groundbreaking path and laid a new foundation to accelerate the economic empowerment of attorneys of color or women.

Recipient: Candace Beinecke, Chair, Hughes Hubbard & Reed

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Pamela Carter Award

The award recognizes a woman whose unyielding vision, core values and philosophy of using her achievements as inspiration are critical to her roadmap for success. Pamela L. Carter was General Counsel at Cummins, Inc. before becoming President of the Cummins Distribution Business.

Recipient: Debra Kuper, Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, AGCO Corporation

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Anastasia Kelly Award

The award honors a general counsel who has manifested a sustained commitment to accelerate the ascendancy of women to senior leadership roles in the law department and beyond. Their unselfish commitment to advancing women has made a significant impact professionally and personally on those she entrusts. Anastasia D. Kelly is the former Vice Chairman, Legal, Human Resources, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs at American International Group, Inc.

Recipient: Sara Moss, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Estee Lauder, Inc.

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Rainmaker Award

Presented to a female partner who manages a substantial amount of business exceeding $2.5 million annually, this award recognizes outstanding business generation efforts and exemplary client service.

Recipient: Nina Gussack, Chair, Executive Committee, Pepper Hamilton

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Sharing the Power Award

The Sharing the Power award is presented jointly to a female general counsel or senior leader in a law department and a female partner at a law firm who have collaborated to increase the economic empowerment of one or more female partners in that firm.

Recipient: : Denise Keane, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Altria Group, Inc.

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Recipient: : Elizabeth Papez, Appellate Litigation Partner, Winston & Strawn

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Firmwide Policies Award

This category recognizes a law firm that has made significant strides in advancing women by measuring what matters: the percentage of women on the executive or management committee, equity partnership committee, compensation committees, and the percentage of women who are relationship managers.

Recipient: : Sharon Bowen, Latham & Watkins

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